24/7 Tall Fit Orange/Olive Bluetooth Beanie


Thanks to the color combination, this beanie has earned itself the nickname of the “pumpkin spice”, but rest assured, there’s nothing basic about the Orange and Olive 24/7 Bluetooth Beanie. This piece is where style meets spontaneous. With fashion show flair, and coffee shop air, anyone can wear the Orange/Olive 24/7 beanie to stand out with confidence wherever you go.


Technical Specifications

Bluetooth: Vimicro 4.1
Frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Transmission distance: ≈10M
Transmission distance of MIC: ≤ 1M

Battery: 3.7V/180mA
Charge voltage: DC4.2V~ 5V
Charge time: 2~3 hours
Play time: 6-9 hours
Speaker Diameter: 30mm
Magnet Type: NdFeB
Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Micro USB Charge
SIRI compatible

Press "+" on the headset twice to activate SIRI

Beanie Description

There are all kinds of activities you put a
beanie on for. At BE we want to have a
beanie for every specific occasion,
but you also need a beanie for the day
to day. You need a beanie that fits your

We bring you the 24/7.

The 24/7 is our tall cut beanie that offers
the traditional slouch fit. It is
a classic unisex piece and
a tight knit, light weight
beanie so that, like the name says,
you can wear this Bluetooth beanie
all day, every day, all year round.